The Day the Barnstormer Came To Town - $2500.00
24 x 60"
Acryclic on Canvas

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One fall day in 1927, my father had gone out of town.  It was the weekend the Barnstormers came to town.  My brother and I talked our mother into taking us down to the local airfield to see the airplanes. Once there, we pleaded with her to let us go for a ride.  As we taxied out for takeoff she realized that her two sons were in the same airplane and that was not a good place for her only  children to be. We had a safe and exciting flight that day. It was responsible for my career as a pilot in the  Air Force. 

Later at the Sun and Fun Air Show at Lakeland, Florida,  I saw a J-1 Standard and decided to do a painting of that first ride. Researching the painting I found that the Gates Flying Circus, was at Ithaca, New York that day in October, 1927. Still later, at an outdoor art show where I was exhibiting the painting, a viewer identified himself as having been a “gofer” for the Gates Circus.